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With over 1 MILLION MASKS SOLD, Boomer Naturals Wholesale is your wholesale PPE experts!
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Hand Sanitizer

Up to 80% of all infections are transmitted by your hands. Using our doctor-formulated, antimicrobial gel sanitizer in your office place, building, or store can significantly reduce your team or patron’s risk of illness. Or, resell our sanitizers in your pharmacy or business to provide your community with more protection while earning additional revenue.

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Made from premium quality latex-free nirile material, these non-toxic allergenic disposable gloves protect hands from harmful materials and fluids, and helot to reduce the risk of viral or bacterial exposure.

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Our lightweight and comfortable Saftey Glasses offer splash and dust protection and are equipted with adjustable temples to fit more faces. Impact-resistant polycarbonate wraparound frame provides lightweight protection and prevents eye injuries from splashing or flying obects or debris.

Our Promise

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Partnering with Boomer Naturals Wholesale ensures transparent reliability allowing companies and organizational leaders to focus less on sourcing PPE solutions and more on their core business functions. We only ever sell products we 100% can guarantee.

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Highest Quality

As an industry leader, Boomer Naturals Wholesale provides the highest quality PPE solutions that will protect entire organizations from potentially hazardous work environments. All products are tested to meet U.S. standards.

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Secure Suppply Chain

Boomer Naturals Wholesale leverages its direct supplier relationships to get PPE solutions to its customers in the most cost-effective manner. Our relationship with global leaders in the logistics industry such as, Dynamic Worldwide and Super Cargo, create unmatched supply chain efficiencies.

Our Prepare and Protect Initiative
We’re donating one face cover per order.
We’ve partnered with 20+ organizations to donate our high-quality Nano Silver face covers. Thank you for helping us assist those who need it most.

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